alyska Alyska Bailey Peterson
As a child, I remember watching my grandfather in his workshop. Gnarled, ancient hands, full of lines, stained with years of dirt and grease from working in the fields and fixing up machinery were now taking small bits of colored glass and creating beautifully intricate creatures and villages.

As my work evolves, I seek out ways to keep it fresh and different. I love the challenge of combining different mediums and techniques in the same piece to produce a work both beautiful and timeless yet also functional.

Mistakes become new designs and mishaps become new techniques. I am constantly learning, reinventing and refining. In my work, I have created classic pieces that are tactile and ask to be touched, but also exude understated elegance.

alyskaMy studio is not so much a physical space as it is simply where ever my laptop, my cameras, my components, and myself exist.  I'm drawn to stories in various places around the world, rather than remaining in one static space.

In addition to my personal work, I've jobbed with non-profit organizations, universities, and the indie media, creating highly personal documentary pieces and still photography.

Put simply, I'm driven to communicate in whatever medium best fits.

" tasteful, so elegant, so much and yet so perfectly just know how to do it." - Dr. Susanne M. Wichert

"Stunning. The lighting is so warm and tactile and the compositions are often arresting...the capturing of the small intimate gestures just draws us in. Stark beautiful photos."
- l franson

"The jewelry [for my daughter's wedding] as you can see, was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!"
- mary statz, madison, wi

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  • On Wisconsin and Insider Magazines
  • Wisconsin Whizdom, Psycho Betty Books
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Capitol Times and Badger Herald Newspapers, Madison, WI