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sterling and lampworked glass wire crochet necklace
shake the dust off your wings and fly - $312
Part of the Bast Collection
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Handmade lampworked glass focal bead is suspended on hand-crocheted sterling silver wire and accented with freshwater pearls, blue lace agate, mother of pearl and miyuki delica beads.

Submitted for the 2006 Art Glass and Bead Show challenge.

This necklace measures 20 inches in length. An extender adds an additional 1 inches.

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A freshwater pearl is formed in the same manner as a saltwater pearl, whether natural or cultured. The term freshwater refers to where the pearl is formed, not how.

Throughout history, the pearl, with its warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence, has been one of the most highly prized and sought after gems.

Pearls are said to be protective and to help balance the emotions, keeping you balanced through the ups and down of life.

Sterling silver is a white, highly reflective precious metal composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. Copper provides the silver with sufficient hardness and wearing qualities, as pure silver is sometimes considered too soft to be used or worn everyday.

At times, we oxidize or "antique" our finished sterling pieces to blacken the recessed areas, and then rub the rest of the piece to a high white shine. Oxidizing can give a piece of jewelry wonderful depth and rustic feel.

shake the dust off your wings and fly - $312