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smoky quartz and fossil coral bracelet
Hold the Earth Above Me - $65
Part of the Bast Collection
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smokey quartz and fossil coral bracelet with karen hill tribe silver accents.

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Fossil coral is ancient coral that gradually turned into the gemstone agate. The process occurred when silica in the ocean water hardened, replacing the limy coral. This massive preservation of coral reefs creates a beautiful fossil, in which the skeletons of the coral appear as tiny "flowers" on the stone.

Our agatized fossil coral comes from the U.S. states of Florida and Georgia. About 35-45 million years ago, during the Eocene period, Florida was part of the continental shelf and was covered with water. Its reefs contained corals quite different from those living today.

The complex folds in the stomach cavities of these ancient corals can be seen in the marvelous detail left behind in their skeletons. Some theorize that these detailed patterns were the inspiration behind millefiori ("thousand flowers") glasswork. The Florida Legislature designated agatized fossil coral as its state stone in 1979.

Hold the Earth Above Me - $65