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sterling and sapphire wire crochet necklace
A Call to the Night - $425
Part of the Bast Collection
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Delicate midnight blue sapphires float in sterling wire in this lovely hand-crocheted necklace.

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Sapphire, the non-red variety of corundum (an aluminum oxide mineral), is the most precious of blue gemstones, and is a most desirable gem due to its color, hardness, durability and luster. It is the September birthstone, and the most valuable color is cornflower blue.

The word "sapphire" is an ancient name of uncertain origin; it possibly is derived from the Hebrew word sappir or the Sanskrit word sanipruja ("dear to Saturn").

In ancient times, it was believed that the sky was a gigantic sapphire into which the earth was embedded. Pliny the Elder in Rome was the first to write about sapphires, but the stone called "sapphire" during that time was actually lapis lazuli.

Some clergy in ancient times felt the sapphire helped ward off evil and sickness, including the plague. Sapphire is considered a stone of creative expression, intuition and meditation. It also is said to increase mental clarity and alleviate depression.

Sapphires are found in India, Myanmar, Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Africa.

Sterling silver is a white, highly reflective precious metal composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. Copper provides the silver with sufficient hardness and wearing qualities, as pure silver is sometimes considered too soft to be used or worn everyday.

At times, we oxidize or "antique" our finished sterling pieces to blacken the recessed areas, and then rub the rest of the piece to a high white shine. Oxidizing can give a piece of jewelry wonderful depth and rustic feel.

A Call to the Night - $425