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Sterling and black onyx capsule bracelet
Lucia - $30
Part of the Catnip Collection
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This stunning bracelet features black onyx capsules highlighted by sterling silver balls and finished with a sterling silver clasp.

This bracelet measures 6.5 inches in length.

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Onyx, a banded variety of the quartz family, is mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar, U.S.A and Uruguay. The only difference between onyx and other banded agates is that the stripes of onyx are even and uniform. The name onyx originates from the Greek word onyx for fingernail or hoof, as it was once believed that onyx was created from the goddess Venus's fingernail clippings.

Onyx is purported to help eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders, eliminate negative thinking, and sharpen the wits of the wearer. It is used to change habits, in addition to helping concentration levels and aiding absentmindedness. Some think it makes the wearer more eloquent, and thus it is worn for public speaking.

Sterling silver is a white, highly reflective precious metal composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. Copper provides the silver with sufficient hardness and wearing qualities, as pure silver is sometimes considered too soft to be used or worn everyday.

At times, we oxidize or "antique" our finished sterling pieces to blacken the recessed areas, and then rub the rest of the piece to a high white shine. Oxidizing can give a piece of jewelry wonderful depth and rustic feel.

Lucia - $30