Jewelry from PointyKitty Studios

There's a little bit of a crafter in all of us, and we at the Studio are no exception! While the most recognized of media we work in is gemstone and wire crochet, there's something for everyone's tastes inside the jewelry section of our studio.

The primary artisan at the Studio, Alyska Bailey Peterson, began creating at a young age, and soon found her place in natural and found object art. When her grandmother taught her to crochet as a small girl, she quickly tired of yarn and moved on to crocheting with more novel materials such as leftover plastic grocery bags and unusually printed clothing from thrift stores torn into strips.

She ultimately found her place working with very thin gauge sterling, gold-filled, and copper wires, incorporating gemstones, glass,and pearls from all over the world as they struck her fancy.

In addition to her signature wire crochet pieces, she specializes in found object wearable art, having created beautiful hand-crafted pieces out of everything from antique sheet music to watch parts and vintage costume jewelry.

Now you, too, can own a PointyKitty original. All items are limited edition or one of a kind, and can either be purchased ready-to-wear from our store, or commissioned on a custom basis. We love custom orders at the Studio, and can't wait to help create the pieces you've always dreamed of!

In need of some inspiration? Check out our gallery to see what we've created in the past!

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